Julia Abeles

Julia Abeles

Director of Operations

Ms. Abeles is an experienced Director of Operations with a demonstrated history of working in the Information Security, especially serving the Critical Infrastructure sector. Skilled in Business Management, Corporate Finance, Human Resources, Risk Management, Information Technology, and Business Process Engineering. Ms. Abeles is a strong Business Operations Manager with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Asian Studies from Mount Holyoke College.

In her current position, Ms. Abeles has digitized and automated multiple previously manual process at System 1, Inc. to both increase productivity and security. Notably, transitioning the company from the Google G Suite cloud and ad hoc software as needed to the Microsoft 365 Enterprise solutions with remote Device Management and integrated advanced Endpoint Security. Additionally, to support the financial growth of the business, Ms. Abeles has digitized and found solutions to further integrate payroll, bookkeeping, Human Resources, and contract management. The systems Ms. Abeles implemented allow for a scalable business on multiple fronts, and compliance with a wider range of contracts. Ms. Abeles is also knowledgeable in the use and application of multiple security frameworks, maturity models, and best practices, using them not only to strengthen client’s operational and security structure, but increase internal company resilience as well.

At the accredited distance learning institution specializing in post graduate Cybersecurity degrees, University of Fairfax, Ms. Abeles work directly under the Dean to administrate online classes via Blackboard Online Learning System, complete data analysis, and coordinate between the Dean, professors, and registrar to schedule, prepare, begin, and close out each class on the platform as well as assist any users to troubleshoot and resolve any issues.

In her previous positions, she has supervised and trained a team of diverse individuals in the highest gross sales per square foot store in the Barnes & Noble network of stores, being the only team to not only meet, but exceed sales quotas of Nook e-readers in the mid-Atlantic region under her tenure of leadership. Seeing a gap in corporate materials, Ms. Abeles produced her own manual and guides for accessing the public library’s e-Lending system and using it with the Nook, and holding community outreach nights to answer questions and assist local Nook owners with their Nooks and the e-Lending system.