Glenn Francis


Mr. Francis is a skilled forensics analyst with over 20 years of both law enforcement and private corporate security experience. He specializes in physical, information, and cyber security and incident response as well as interrogation and investigative services for a wide range of matters. Mr. Francis is one of the few highly trained TSCM (technical service counter measures) professionals in the area and he has regularly assisted clients in ensuring absolute security and privacy for whatever they require. Thanks to his years of law enforcement and security training, he has become a regular guest speaker for legal classes at a local college.

As a police officer, Mr. Francis started his digital forensics career by taking classes with the National White Collar Crime (NW3C), focusing on basic data acquisition and data retrieval. Mr. Francis went on apply these techniques at not only his own agency but eventually even assisted other agencies with their own digital investigations.

After his retirement from law enforcement, Mr. Francis started working for a fortune 50 company as a digital forensic investigator, where he focused on company specific digital cyber investigations, inside threats, and E-Discovery services. Thanks to his law enforcement history and the connections he had built in that community, Mr. Francis was offered a position as a physical security investigator and became a liaison to the digital forensic teams. Here, he assisted the company with investigations as someone who understood both the importance of physical and digital evidence. He was able to utilize his interrogation skills in many investigations which led to eventual state and federal prosecution for the incidents he investigated. Mr. Francis was also trained for executive transportation and protection, armed protection details, and as a first responder for terrorism and workplace violence situations as well as emergency management.

Mr. Francis was also an instructor, offering training course for employees that taught them street awareness, protecting against workplace violence, and best practices for cyber security.

Mr. Francis has continued his digital forensics career at System 1 by bringing his years of knowledge and experience in digital and physical security to the forensics team here by expanding his skillset to include PC and mobile forensics as well as piloting a vehicle forensics division.